Kelly Gonzalez Jr., 2ND VICE PRESIDENT


ProKel Mobility’s Chairman; CEO, Kelly Gonzalez Jr., leads the fastest growing government procured privately owned transportation company in the US.

Kelly’s vision to innovate processes and customize logistics solutions for some of the largest municipalities in the world has solidified him as one of the most sought out transportation solution experts in the past decade.

In 2020, Kelly moved his local headquarters to North Miami Beach and started managing / operating NMB’s Public Transportation Trolley Shuttle contract. In the first 6 months of operation, the transportation system saw a 110% increase in ridership which accounts for 10,000 riders a month.

Kelly, a local Liberty City -Miami Dade County native, is known for his work ethic and passion. He developed this zeal for success from his early childhood. As the first-generation son of two Dominican immigrant parents, he learned at a very young age the value of hard work.

Kelly is not only a leader in the boardroom, but he is also a leader in the community. Kelly takes part in dozens of community engagements and youth success development programs. He partners with North Miami Beach PAL and North Miami PAL (Police Athletic League). He includes some of his celebrity sports figure friends for motivational sessions for the kids and brings some of his business associates to teach success building skills.

Kelly also ensures all his business locations have a Small Business Equity Inclusion program. Across the US, he has a Small Business Incubator program aiming to assist multiple small businesses and interns. Via ProKel, his SBE programs assist newly startups, provide free workspaces, mentors new entrepreneurs, and in some cases helps small companies get access to capital in the form of government procured grants. Kelly chose to lead in the transportation business, so he can always have a connection to helping and serving his community. Community is where his heart is. Improving their quality of life is his purpose.