Miami-Dade County is at the nexus of both domestic and international economic activity and is significant influence in the county, the entire state of Florida, the United States as a whole. It is well-known as the “Gateway to the Americas”. Miami-Dade County’s great location, and the connections that it supports, allows Miami-Dade to remain a uniquely diverse and economically significant mega hub with strong indications for further growth into the 21st Century and beyond.

Economic and social prosperity depends on the efficient movement of goods and people from place to place. The infrastructure and moving parts of the transportation network in Miami-Dade can be thought of as the backbone of this vital and thriving community. Miami International Airport, Miami-Dade Department of Transportation & Public Works and the Port of Miami provides the infrastructure, which are all expanding to support the growth trends that will impact the state, national and global economy.

COMTO Miami is one of the largest chapters of COMTO and provides programs and events to foster advancement. The Chapter continues to promote an environment of reaching back and paving the way for others. Its programs are centered on professional development to perpetuate a generation of transportation advocates and leaders for years to come. With your participation, COMTO Miami will be positioned as the voice to ensure inclusion and participation of minority businesses and individuals for all transportation-related issues in the county.

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The mission of COMTO is to ensure a level playing field and maximum participation in the transportation industry for minority individuals, businesses and communities of color through advocacy, information sharing, training, education and professional development. BECOME A MEMBER TODAY!

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The Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO) was created to provide a forum for minority professionals in the transportation industry. COMTO’s membership includes individuals, groups, transportation agencies, private sector corporations, non-profit organizations, and Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs).

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